How hashnode helped me land an internship at Github!

How hashnode helped me land an internship at Github!

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I have written a blog post, and I'm really sorry for that. Would be getting back to writing a few posts every month.

Now to address the obvious reason why I'm writing this post, I'm really excited to share with y'all that I have received an internship offer from Github to join as DevRel Engineering Intern! 🥳

Where did I get this internship from?

There is this program called "Github Externship Program" which is a remote internship conducted twice every year(Winter and Summer Cohort) for students currently in their penultimate year of college. This program has 27 partner organisations which include famous organisations like Appwrite, Cred, Fampay, Hoppscotch, and many more!

More on it at their official website Github Externship

The application process

Applicants are supposed to write proposals for the organisation in which they are interested. Each organisation have multiple projects under them and an applicant can make 4 proposals in total to these 27 organisations.

Even though I could make 4 proposals, I only made 2 of them and both of them were to 2 different projects under Github(DevRel Engineer Engineering Project and Github India Engineering Project) because I was really interested in working at Github.

After a week, I got a mail saying my proposal for the DevRel Engineering role was accepted, and an interview was scheduled in the coming days. Different organisations have different approaches to this, some conduct coding tests before the interview, some have multiple rounds of interviews, etc. In the case of Github, there was only one interview for DevRel role.

I was mostly asked questions based on the proposal I had submitted and most of them revolved around the project, different UI/UX designs I have created previously, etc.

Fast forward to a few weeks, I received my offer letter yesterday!

How exactly did hashnode help me secure this internship?

There were 14,000+ students applicants and 8,000+ proposals made by students from India to these 27 organisations. And I'm really happy that I was among the few students out of these applicants who got selected! And this was mainly because of Hashnode!

During August and September of 2021, hashnode conducted 2 amazing hackathons along with and Auth0.

This resulted in me brainstorming for ideas and creating 2 amazing personal projects, Chatbotish and Aura for my portfolio and without these hackathons, these projects would not have existed!

For the proposal, I gave these 2 projects as proof of my previous work/experience and during the interview for the same, I was asked questions based on these projects on how I've implemented the product, the technologies used, etc. These were kind of unique projects for a student with 100+ Producthunt upvotes and 1.5k+ page views and the interviewer really liked the personal projects I had created and the blog posts for the same and I believe because of this I landed the offer!

Closing notes

For anyone who is looking to crack their first internship/job, I would recommend you to

  1. Create personal projects: Create a handful of projects. And always give importance to quality over quantity.
  2. Learn concepts by creating projects, this is also a great way to get out of tutorial hell.
  3. If you are trying to get into tech then I would recommend you to write more technical blogs! It helps to increase and broaden your knowledge.
  4. Keep believing in yourself, and yes, dreams do come true.

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